The mission of the SVSEF Snowboard Team is to further human development both physically and mentally through passion for, and commitment to, an athletic lifestyle and that snowboarding be ONE of your athletic expressions.

This season the Snowboard Team will be managed within the program structure of Freeskiing and Snowboarding.

The SVSEF Snowboard program centers around three components:

  • Fun
  • Friends
  • Fundamentals

Learning to ride with SVSEF coaches on Bald Mtn. and Dollar Mtn. has a proven track record.  There has been an SVSEF Snowboard team athlete at every winter Olympics since snowboarding was recognized as an official sport!  The program has helped to develop some incredible athletes and more importantly incredible people who continue to pursue their goals, give back to others and become lifelong athletes.

Our coaching staff has a keen understanding of what it takes to reach the top of the snowboarding world and the incredible riding terrain, Olympic size halfpipe, creative terrain parks and the Air Barn at Community School (indoor training center) create the perfect environment for athletes to commit 100% and go as far as they want with the sport.  The team is a tight group that rides together, pushes each other and builds strong relationships that go well beyond time spent training together.

clara jenner and peyton bacca sbx

  • Comp team trains 5 days/week (generally Wed-Sun) average 100+ days on snow + 2 weekly winter Air Barn day/night sessions per week at Community School.
  • Summer/Fall training in the Air Barn at Community School optional for additional fee.
  • Athletes will be grouped in a manner to off set the large age span and meet individual needs
  • Summer snowboard camps and 1 early winter camp possible.
  • Summer dryland training consists of trampoline workouts, strength/endurance workouts, cross training workouts, skate/snowboard ramp training
  • Athletes train dedicated snowboard disciplines-all mountain riding/halfpipe/slopestyle/boardercross

  • Training 3 to 4 days/week(Thur-Sun) dependent on 1 or 2 day/night session per week in the Air Barn at Community School are included in tuition, average 72 days.
  • Summer/Fall dryland training in the Air Barn at Community School are optional for an additional fee.
  • Summer on snow camps offered.
  • Increased video analysis, attention to details of snowboarding skills
  • Commitment towards specific snowboard disciplines- all mountain riding, boardercross, halfpipe, slopestyle.
  • Prepare athletes for the commitment and dedication of the Competition Travel Team.

The Snowboard Devo is integrated into our entire Snowboard pipeline with the similar approach of our entire grassroots programming.  

  • Devo team trains 2 days/week (45 days/season) on snow.  Summer/Fall dryland sessions in the Air Barn at Community School optional for additional fee.
  • Create strong peer relationships/group dynamics.
  • Instill respect for people, places, and property
  • Build confidence to ride all types of terrain and to jump.
  • Expose young riders to possibilities of snowboard competitions.

Air Barn at Community School- air awareness & aerial skill development July-November, at an additional cost.

Dryland sessions begin November 3rd from 3-4:30p.m. at the Air Barn at Community School’s Sage Willow Fields.
Please email Phil McNichol with questions @ or to register your child select the REGISTER NOW button below.


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