Team Overview

The primary focus of this program is to introduce young athletes moving up from the Baldy Devo Team and young athletes joining SVSEF to the technical and tactical fundamentals of alpine ski racing. The U10 Travel Team is designed to make the training atmosphere fun, challenging, and relevant for all participants. Learning, improving and refining basic skills and fundamentals will ensure our athletes progress when moving on to the next age group. The core training plan of the team revolves around directed free skiing with coaches, skills acquisition through specific drills in and out of gates and the Mini World Cup race series. This race series is intramural and athletes represent the same country for the whole season. All races are held in the Wood River Valley.

Fall Conditioning
October 11 – November 10.
Five weeks; two days per week.
Tuesday and Thursday 3:45 – 5:15 p.m.

On Snow, In Season Training Schedule
3 days per week.
December 3 – March 26
Thursday 2 – 4 p.m. at Baldy or 3 – 5 p.m. at Rotarun.
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

On Snow Travel Race Schedule
One weekend; 4-way event in McCall, Idaho.

Additional Camp Offerings

  • Pre-Thanksgiving Camp at Sun Valley.
  • December Winter Break Camp (extra training time beyond normal programming).
Pass & Membership:
  • Rotarun Pass included with tuition.
  • Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 season.
  • Must purchase Alpine U12 Competition License from US Ski & Snowboard.

Year of birth 2013-2014

Total Program Hours:

240 on-snow hours per season (13 hours per week).

Skill Prerequisites:
  • Must have participated in SVSEF U8 program or like program at another ski area, or with recommendation from Program Director.
  • Must be able to ski all terrain including off-piste, groomed runs, crud and powder on Baldy with confidence.
  • Must be independent; able to conduct oneself appropriately when unaccompanied.
  • Must be able to care for and maintain all ski equipment.
  • Responsible and accountable for hydration, nutrition, and proper layering for any weather.
  • Respect teammates, coaches, parents, and all all mountain employees at all times.
  • Complete knowledge of Mountain Safety Policies.

Skis: One pair of slalom skis or one pair of multi-discipline race skis. Must maintain equipment in good training/competition condition at all times. (see below)

Tuning: Beginning stages of taking care of your equipment—bench, vices, iron, guides, brushes, files, stones, waxes.

Boots: Must be properly fit (size/flex) and in excellent working condition. (see below)

Protection: Slalom protection (pole, chin, and shin guards), and hard-eared helmet required.


  • One pair of skis – multi-event ski (ski companies make a ski that is a GS with a slalom side cut that can be leased) measuring to the top of the head area. These can be used for Slalom and GS when you buy or lease one pair of skis for the year.
  • Good Warm Jacket
  • Good Ski Pants (with full side zippers if you choose to have a race suit)
  • Race suit (optional for Mini WC, not mandatory)
  • Ski Socks and long underwear
  • Mittens or warm gloves
  • Hand warmers and neck gaiter for cold days
  • Helmet – Hard Ear Helmet. Race specific so you can attach a chin guard for slalom.
  • Goggles with double lenses
  • Ski Poles
  • Shin guards, Pole guards and Chin guard for Slalom
  • Ski boots that flex easily in cold weather – SOFTER Flex is best

Athletes are expected to attend 75% of in-season training sessions. (Unless arrangements made with Head Coach – Ex: Other activity conflict)


U10 athletes are NOT supervised for periods of time and MAY be required to take breaks, eat lunch, ski to race course, and/or load chairs unaccompanied.

Travel & Competitions:
  • Primary race series: Mini World Cup.
  • Athletes must intend to compete in age appropriate races and series.
  • U10 Race athletes compete in SVSEF’s Intramural Mini World Cup Competitions, USSS North Series Slaloms in Sun Valley and one travel race.
  • Some athletes, if qualified, may compete in divisional events. Travel participants are accountable for the shared cost of athlete and coach travel.
  • Required to attend parent orientation.
  • Must actively communicate needs of athlete including planned absences and injuries.
  • Must register for competitions in a timely manner per team communication.
  • Must complete Team Agreement (Code of Conduct).
  • Must remain actively engaged with team communication method(s) and check schedule/updates regularly.

Sport: Alpine Skiing
Age: Year of birth 2013-2014
Ability Level: Advanced/Expert, able to ski all of Baldy
Enrollment Limit: 40
Price: $3,000.00
  • Rotarun Season Pass included with tuition.
  • Must purchase SVSEF/Blaine County Student Season Pass through Sun Valley Company for 22/23 Season.
Team Jackets & SVSEF Apparel:
  • SVSEF works with Sturtevant’s on ordering Team Jackets. Visit the SVSEF online store for further information in the fall.
  • Select SVSEF apparel and accessories are available through the online store.
Team Placement:

Participants may be required to switch to a more appropriate program, if available, at the discretion of Head Coaches and Program Director.

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