Basic skiing technique is always evolving, and the concepts and skills we discuss and demonstrate with the athletes are a constant work in progress. Our athletes strive for lofty goals in a team atmosphere, building on the momentum, enthusiasm and support of each other. Whether your sights are on making the U.S. Freestyle Team or overcoming a fear of trying a new trick, our coaches will help you prepare and provide you with the opportunities to soar to success.




Tuition: $5,000

Ages: 12 -18  

Head coach: John Grigsby

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 7:1

The Freestyle Travel Team is designed for athletes that aspire to compete in the USSA Intermountain Divisional competitions. Athletes work closely with coaches to develop a tactical and technical approach to their season through goal setting, in conjunction with developing a long term athlete development plan. Travel Team athletes will also have the option of competing at FIS level competitions such as NorAms and US Selections if qualified.

Fall Dryland / Pre-season training: August 18-November 26.

Training consists of three days a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday with our strength and conditioning trainer Johnny Michael at the Argyros Training Center, and two days a week Tuesday & Thursday from 4:30-6 p.m. at the SVSEF/Community School Air Barn trampoline facility.

Winter on snow schedule: November 30 – March 29

On Snow Tue-Fri 2-4:15, Sat-Sun 10-3:00


Camps – (additional cost TBD)

Mt Hood – July 22-27

Early Season Flats Camp (Sun Valley) – November 23-26

Christmas Camp Dec (Sun Valley) 17-30.

Colorado Camp, Dec 7-16, Full course.


Competition: USSA Regional Development level competitions and FIS level competitions if qualified.


Requirements: Solid independent intermediate skier.

License requirements: U.S. Ski & Snowboard Competitor license for regional competitions, FIS licence for athletes competing in US Selections, NorAm and US Nationals.  

Athletes must obtain a U.S. Ski & Snowboard General License. If athletes want to compete in USSA IMD competitions, they must purchase a Youth Competitor License.



Tuition: $3,800 (4-day) / $3,300 (3-day)

Ages: 9-14

Head coach: Wyatt Wilson

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 8:1

The SVSEF Freestyle Progression Team is a continuation of Mini-X. Our primary goal is to create safe, fun filled training environment while creating the best all mountain skiers. Athletes work on developing their skills while skiing the back bowls, groomers, trees and moguls. They also spend some time in the park, and have the option to train on our world-class mogul & jump venue on Roundhouse. The on-snow breakdown is 20% course/venue, 50% all-mountain and 30% freeski. Athletes are also welcome to participate in our summer training camps and early season on-snow camps.

Our Air Barn training sessions focus on building athlete’s air awareness in our newly renovated Air Barn. Athletes have the opportunity to work on developing their tumbling and trampoline skills with the possibility of hitting the dry slope jump into the air bag.


Fall Dryland: 10/1/19-11/26/19 (4-day) / 11/1/19-11/26/19 (3-day)

Tuesday & Thursday Air Barn, 4:30-6pm

Winter Schedule:

December 3th – March 29; on-snow starts Dec 5

Air Barn,Tuesday: 4:30-6pm

On Snow:

Thurs/Fri: 2-4:15pm, Sat/Sun: 10am-3pm (4-day)

Fri: 2-4:15pm, Sat/Sun: 10am-3pm (3-day)


Camps – (additional cost TBD)

Mt Hood – July 22-27

Early Season Flats Camp, Sun Valley – November 23-26

Colorado Camp, Dec 7-16, Full course

Christmas Camp (Sun Valley) Dec 17-30


Competition: Athletes are asked to participate in our new local internal club competitions and have  USSA Regional Development level competitions (additional cost to cover coaches fees).

Requirements: Baldy-proof / solid independent intermediate skier.

License requirements: Athletes must obtain a U.S. Ski & Snowboard General License. If athletes want to compete in USSA IMD competitions, they must purchase a Competitor License.



Team: Mini Xtreme / Mini Xtreme Weekend

Tuition: $2,550 / $2,150

Ages: Grades 3-5

Head coach: Ben Schumacher

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1


11/5-11/21 (fall dryland)

Training two days a week at the Air Barn

Tues/Thurs, 3:30-5:00pm

12/7/2019-4/11/2020 (on-snow)

Training three days a week (Mini X) / two days a week (Mini X Weekend)

The Mini X team is a Thursday, Saturday, Sunday skiing program, while Mini X Weekend is a Saturday/Sunday program. During the winter season, both Mini X teams will train at the Air Barn every other Monday starting December 2. The team trains at multiple venues, including the Air Barn, Dollar Mountain, Bald Mountain, and Rotarun.

Air Barn every other Monday Mon: 3:30-5:00pm

Thursday 2:15-4:15pm

Saturday/Sunday 10:00am-2:00pm

Overview: The Mini Xtreme team is designed as a stepping stone program for young skiers who want to learn more about freestyle and freeskiing. The program covers a broad spectrum of teaching modalities, ranging from fundamental skiing technique, to alpine racing, freestyle/mogul fundamentals, freeski/terrain park skills, and big mountain line selection and mountain awareness. “Ski it all” is the Mini X motto. Athletes on Mini X will have a locker to share with a partner at the Warm Springs training center. All athletes are eligible for holiday practice days, with training offered approximately 8-10 days over the holidays.


Competition: Mini Xtreme introduces athletes and families to competition through an in-house event series called the Mini Xtreme (MiniX) Cup. The MiniX Cup consists of 4 primary events:

  • Freestyle/mogul event
  • Freeski/slopestyle event
  • Big mountain event
  • Nastar race

These events serve as an opportunity to highlight the lessons and skills learned throughout the Mini Xtreme curriculum, and are supported by the SVSEF parent programs.


Requirements: Previous SVSEF involvement and/or ability to ski all terrain on Bald Mountain

License Requirements: Athletes will need to purchase a U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership license.



Tuition: $1,400

Ages: 7-10

Head coach: Brian Caulkins

Athlete-to-coach ratio: 6:1


Fall Dryland: 10/1/19-11/21/19

2 days a week

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-5pm

On-Snow: 12/7/19-3/29/20

Training two days a week

Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am-2pm 

Overview: SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is the developmental ski and snowboard program for SVSEF Baldy-based teams. Devo is for “Baldy-proof” kids, meaning athletes who can ski/ride top to bottom, off-piste & groomed, and who understand safety rules and mountain etiquette. We practice all-mountain basic skiing and riding, jump and park skills, bump skills and racing techniques with a strong FUNdamental emphasis. SVSEF’s Baldy Devo program is designed to introduce and refine skills required to advance within SVSEF’s alpine, snowboard, big mountain, freestyle and freeski programs. The SVSEF Baldy Devo program is staffed with experienced professional coaches who teach age-appropriate skill progression utilizing U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s program, in tandem with a host of internal SVSEF skill- and team-building philosophies. Snowboard athletes in the Baldy Devo program will be grouped along with fellow riders and staffed by experienced snowboard coaches trained to teach and advance snowboard skills. The season ends at the Gary Black Jr. Memorial. Holiday camps (Christmas and spring break) are included as a part of the Devo team experience, and offer specific opportunities beyond regular weekend programming. Times and dates for holiday camps are based on creating safe and appropriate practice opportunities based on crowds, practice space, and conditions.

CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN CROSS COUNTRY AND BALDY DEVO? Sign up for both with our Dual Devo programming, an opportunity that allows an athlete to participate in both teams at a discounted rate. LEARN MORE HERE >>>