Sun Valley XC Devo Bingo

January 1, 2022 - February 28, 2022, 12:00 AM

Rules of the Game: Have Fun!
1. Game runs from January 1, 2022-March 1, 2022.
2. Participants can enter individually or as a family. Participants can enter multiple, unique Bingos.
3. Get “Bingo” by completing the activities and skiing at the ski areas in a full row, column, or diagonal.
4. Document your activities and where you skied with photos. Mark your Bingo card!
5. Once you’ve completed Bingo, send a picture of your card along with your best picture to
6. You can even go for a “Bingo Card Blackout” and conquer every square on the card
7. Questions? Email:


What can you win?
Every other week we will raffle off some fantastic prizes to players who submit Bingo! You may submit more than one Bingo during the season, as long as each Bingo is unique. Bingo Blackouts earn a special recognition & surprise!

Bingo Card Ski Area Details:

Bingo Card Activity Details:
Baja ski: Ski off groomed trails. Make your own trail. Could even be in your backyard!
Build a ski jump: Build a jump and have fun skiing off of it.
ID a tree on your ski: Go for a ski, find a cool tree, and identify what kind of tree it is.
ID a wild animal on your ski: Go for a ski, look for a wild animal, and identify the animal, track, or scat. One ski Scooter: Take off one ski and use your free foot for scootering!
Build a snowman: Or snow-dog, or snow-anything!
Make and pack a snack: Make a tasty snack at home and eat it during or after your ski.
Make ice cream while you ski: Mix ice and rock salt in a larger (sealable) container attached to a rope. Put 1⁄2 C heavy cream, 1⁄2 C whole milk, 1⁄4 C sugar, 1⁄4 tsp salt, and 1 tsp vanilla in a smaller (sealable) container and then nestle that container in the larger container, attach it to your waist with the rope, and ski around dragging the container behind you until you have ice cream!
Night ski: Ski after dark with light from the moon or a headlamp.
Obstacle course: Build an obstacle course (bicycle bumps, jumps, slalom etc.) and then have fun skiing it.
Ski Yoga: Practice your favorite yoga pose on skis! Standing still or while moving.
Ski and draw your loop: Ski your favorite loop, take mental note of special features, and then draw a map of your loop.
Ski somewhere new: Ski somewhere new to you (ski center, trail, public land etc.)
Ski to a special destination: Can be a neat feature, hilltop, or any spot that’s special to you.
Ski to the high point: Ski to the highest point possible at the location where you are skiing.
Ski with a buddy: A friend or family member, or maybe you met someone new while skiing. It’s all good!
Ski with just arms/poles: Ski at least 10 minutes using just your arms/poles.
Ski with just legs: Ski at least 10 minutes using just your legs: no poles
Slalom ski: Set up a slalom course on a downhill and ski it. You can even set up two parallel slalom courses and “race” a buddy.
Teach someone something about skiing: There is so much to share!