Alpine Program Director



Alpine Team Manager/North Series Assistant



Alpine Events Director



Alpine PG and FIS Head Coach



Western Region Contact Coach, PG Coordinator



Mountain Awareness Director/Alpine USSA First Year Lead


Alpine IMD Head Coach



Alpine North Series Head Coach



Alpine Mini World Cup (MWC) Assistant Coach



Alpine LASAR/Baldy Devo Head Coach



Alpine Rota-Rippers Head Coach


Alpine USSA Head Coach




Alpine LASAR/Baldy Devo Head Coach




Big Mountain Program Coordinator


Photo by Tal Roberts


Big Mountain Regional Team Head Coach


Rick Kapala

Rick Kapala

Cross Country Program Director, Comp Team Coach

Certifications: USSA Level 300 Cross Country Ski Coach, Wilderness First Responder

Accolades: Coached internationally, USSA Cross Country Sport Committee, recipient of the USSA Cross Country Coach of the Year (3 times)

Years with SVSEF: 31

Hometown: Hailey, ID

College: Michigan Technological University

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Any place that includes a desperate thrash while short of food and water with darkness looming

Ski background: Raced at Michigan Tech then coaching took me to Washington and Alaska before coming to Sun Valley. Its pretty sweet getting to go skiing every day with such a great group of athletes and coaches

Hobbies/other interests: Fly fishing, exploring and camping with my wife Bridget

Kelley Sinnott

Kelley Sinnott

Cross Country Asst. PD, Prep Head Coach
Certifications: USSA L200

Years with SVSEF: 13

Alumni: ’01

Hometown: Ketchum, Idaho

College: Bates College

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Coaches’ Climb

Ski background: Grew up skiing with SVSEF before skiing one year in college at Bates.

Hobbies/other interests: Hockey, rafting, Calvin the dog

Chris Mallory

Chris Mallory

Cross Country Gold Team Head Coach

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Cross Country Post Grad Head Coach
Certifications: USSA L200

Years with SVSEF: 2

Hometown: Utica, New York

College: University of Vermont

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Alice/Toxaway Loop

Ski background: Learned to ski on fish-scales in the backyard in upstate NY. This is right after watching Thomas Alsgaard win Olympic ski races on television in the 1998 Nagano Games. From there cross country ski racing became more challenging and more ingrained with my state of mind.

Why you coach: I enjoy making the most challenging sport in the world seem easy

Hobbies/other interests: Wiffle

Ashley Knox

Ashley Knox

Cross Country Comp Team Head Coach
Certifications: L100, L200
Years with SVSEF: 12
Alumni: Yes
Hometown: Hailey, Idaho
College: University of Utah
Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Fox creek for run/trail
Ski background: I joined the SVSEF Cross Country Prep Team in 7th grade. I fell in love with ski racing in ninth grade and continued it through college. I started coaching summer camps for SVSEF during college and officially started coaching the Comp Team in 2006.
Hobbies/other interests: Mountain biking, back country skiing, and hanging out with my son.
Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Cross Country Striders Head Coach
Certifications: Level 1

Years with SVSEF: 2

Alumni: Yes

Hometown: Hailey, ID

College: Tufts University

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: So hard to choose!… Winter: Rip & Tear, Prairie Creek Loop, Torin’s Tucker. Summer: Alice-Toxaway Loop, and exploring new peaks in our backyard!

Ski background: Started out chasing Laurie Leman, begging for SPK’s (Sour Patch Kids) around the Lake Creek trails, and was hooked. Moved on to Prep Team with Kelley Sinnott, then to Comp to ski with Ashley McQueen (Knox), Rick Kapala, and Chris Mallory. Thanks to all their great coaching in life and on skis, I qualified for Junior Nationals four times. I stopped competing after high school, but skiing will always be one of the most important parts of my life.

Why you coach: I coach because I want to share the love I have  both for the sport and for spending time outside with kids at a young age. The best part of coaching is watching as skiers progress; whether that’s putting their skis on by themselves or making it up and down the steepest, longest hill on the trail system without falling.

Hobbies/other interests: Environmental protection, conservation and sustainability initiatives, trail running, back country skiing

Martha Pendl

Martha Pendl

Devo North Head Coach



Tyler Conway

Tyler Conway

Freeski Head Coach and Air Barn Manager


Certifications: USASA 100, 200, First Aid+CPR, Trampoline Level 400

Hometown: Johnsonburg, NY

Ski background: Tyler started his skiing journey in 1999,  competing in slopestyle, big air and rail jam events. This led to specializing in slopestyle and halfpipe as a freeski coach. Tyler worked as the head coach for Tahoe Freeride, and as head coach and assistant program manager for Team Breckenridge Sports Club. His coaching adventures also led him to work at Woodward. As a Woodward coach, he refined his skills on all things extreme sports, specializing in trick progressions and techniques to help athletes reach their goals. His objective in coaching is to make sure that skiing continues to be fun and is a lifelong activity. He likes to continue to push what is possible in skiing, and he loves to ski.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, blading, hanging with Kingston (Tyler’s son)

William (Gui) Mattheis-Brown

William (Gui) Mattheis-Brown

Freeski Progression Head Coach

Certifications: USSA Level 100 Aerials, PSIA Level 1 and CS 1

Years with SVSEF: 1st

Hometown: Durango, CO

College: Washington State University/University of Idaho

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Copper Bowl at Copper Mountain
Ski background: I grew up competing in the Colorado USSA circuit. After a
few injuries I decided to become a coach and went to college for sport psychology. I have been coaching for 7 years.

Why you coach: I truly enjoying aiding in the development of athletes both on and off the
hill. Shaping kids into highly functioning adults is what I pride myself on.

Hobbies/other interests: Fly fishing and mountain biking.


John Grigsby

John Grigsby

Freestyle Travel Head Coach


Certifications: Level 3 USSA Freestyle

Years with SVSEF: 2

Hometown: Portland, ME

College: Maine College of Art (MECA)

Ski background: I hail from in Portland, Maine where I started my coaching career at the age of 17 for the Freestyle Development program at Gould Academy/Sunday River. During college, I continued coaching weekends at CVA/Sugarloaf, where I later coached full-time for Carabassett Valley Academy.

For 6 years prior to joining SVSEF, I was the Director of Freestyle Development at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, where I helped grow and develop one of the top freestyle programs in the country.

Hobbies/other interests: Fly fishing, bow hunting


Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher

Mini Xtreme Head Coach

Years with SVSEF: Going into 4th year
Hometown:  Raised in Chattaroy Washington (north of Spokane)
Education: Seattle University, B.A. Chemistry. Ben also attended United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, OR, for a few mechanics courses. To become a pedorthist he went to Northwestern University in Chicago. He also went to Bonney/Wills shoe making school in Ashland, OR, where he learned to build men’s dress shoes.
Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap:  Ben’s favorite run was back in 2008 after a huge Christmas storm when he and a few friends got first tracks on Limelight in the middle of the day when the top of the mountain finally opened. He remembers stopping to pull a kid out of a pretty stuck position, then catching back up with the crew with big fast turns all the way down Limelight and Warmsprings. It was super fun to have those runs fresh when normally on a pow day they are cut up already by the early ups.
Work background: Work started with labor jobs like mowing and being a warehouseman in a printing factory, then progressed on to Ski Tek in Ketchum. Ben worked to become a certified pedorthist, a bike technician, a ski tuner, and boot fitter.  He is stoked to live, work and manage family life in Ketchum since 2001.
Why SVSEF matters to you:  SVSEF matters because it develops kids for athletic endeavors in the mountains. I like being a guide who can have fun, motivate, and teach kids.
Hobbies/other interests: Most recently, gardening, amongst other passions like exploring hot springs, live music and bicycles


Andy Gilbert

Andy Gilbert

Snowboard Head Coach


Certifications: Level 300 USSA/USASA Coach, US National Team Rookie Halfpipe Coach 2017-2018, IMD Snowboard Sports Committee Member

Years with SVSEF: Started in 1993 as a coach, PD 1999-2013, Progression Coach 2014-2016.

Hometown:Born in Sun Valley, raised in Portland, Oregon

College: Pacific Northwest College of Art (drop out)!

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Front country specialist!

Ski/Ride background: 100+years of skiing in my family! Skateboarding brought me to snowboarding. Never looked back!

Why you coach: Watching the fire get lit never gets old!

Hobbies/other interests: Skateboarding, fishing, art and family time.


Scott McGrew

Scott McGrew

Executive Director

Years with SVSEF: 25+

Hometown: Hailey, Idaho

Education: B.S. University of New Mexico (biochemistry), MBA Boise State

CC McCarthy

CC McCarthy

Director of Events and Volunteers

Years with SVSEF: <1

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA

Education: College of William and Mary

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Sawtooth Lake

Work experience: CC joined SVSEF as the Director of Events after several years as the Program Manager for Carson International, Inc, a Ketchum based national event and production company. At Carson, she coordinated and organized several nationally televised dog shows from athletic dogs to conformation dogs. Prior to that she was working in Washington, DC, for an organization that planned the travel programs for organizations like National Geographic Expeditions, American Museum of Natural History and the American Bar Association.

Why SVSEF matters to you: To me SVSEF is a way to give back to the community I love so much. From the measurable skills on the snow to the skills that are harder to quantify but develop character and help shape young athletes into the people they become, the impact that SVSEF has on its athletes of all ages is invaluable. SVSEF is more than the exceptional programs we offer, it is a pillar of this community where our athletes, coaches, staff and families foster the mountain culture we know and love. I am proud work for an organization that gives so much.

Hobbies/other interests: When I’m not out on the trails with my crazy dog I love to bake cookies and cook for friends!

Cynthia Knight

Cynthia Knight

Director of Development

Years with SVSEF: 18 months

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Education: B.A., JD

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Running Proctor Mtn.Trails

Work experience: 25yrs in legal, business and educational sectors. Favorite job, aside from working at SVSEF, is being a mother of four children.

Why SVSEF matters to you: I believe sport is an extremely important aspect of developing the whole child – physically, mentally and socially. SVSEF exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional community sport centric organization. How can SVSEF not matter?

Hobbies/other interests: Snow sports, hiking, racket sports and family…..including dogs!!

Certifications: US Ski & Snowboard Certification: Alpine Level I and Children’s Specialist

Julia Seyferth

Julia Seyferth

Director of Communications & Design, Cross Country Prep Team Coach

Years with SVSEF: 4 coaching, 3 in office

Hometown: Bennington, Vermont

Education: Williams College, B.A. History, B.A. Studio Art

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: Prairie Creek loop

Work background: Experience in marketing, writing, design, account management and social media in textile, fine art and advertising industries.

Why SVSEF matters to you: I spend most of my time in the office, but have the unique opportunity to coach cross country with SVSEF, as well. I’ve seen firsthand how impactful this team can be; the relationships formed and the experience of exploring and growing outside together are a rarity. Growing up cross country skiing has significantly improved my life and influenced my trajectory, and I consider myself lucky to be able to share my love and appreciation for this sport and lifestyle with a wonderful group of kids.

Hobbies/other interests: I enjoy drawing and painting, hiking, low-maintenance house plants, playing soccer, good coffee, art museums, musicals, baking and spending time with my family and friends.

Mimi Crocker

Mimi Crocker

Director of Finance and Administration

Years with SVSEF: 5

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Education: University of Washington

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: International & Mayday Bowl

Work background: 25 years working in the corporate sales & management industry in Seattle before relocating back to the valley. The experience I gained has translated well to my position in the business and administration department here at SVSEF; I’m driven to “make a difference” every day, and SVSEF allows me to do just that!

Why SVSEF matters to you: The culture & tradition of ski racing, along with the resort town lifestyle, is very dear to me; I’ve been skiing in Sun Valley since the mid 1970s and ski racing runs deep in my family. There’s nothing more exciting to me than alpine ski racing, and to be able to work for one of the best junior programs in the country is an honor. Beyond my own experience, I have witnessed the positive and life changing impact that SVSEF and our coaches have had not only for my nephew but for most of the kids that participate in our programs.

Hobbies/other interests: Skiing, music, horseback riding, motorsports, and sailing

Kelly Roberts

Kelly Roberts

Business Manager

Years with SVSEF: 4

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Education: University of Oklahoma

Favorite run/trail/backcountry lap: It’s Idaho! Too many trails to name and too many mountains yet to explore.

Work background: Kelly’s professional experience has been in sales, business management, and the educational realm.

Why SVSEF matters to you: How could I not love my job at SVSEF; I am surrounded by people who are positively impacting the lives of children and our community.

Hobbies/other interests: Kelly can always be found cheering on her kids in all of their athletic endeavors, around a campfire with family and friends, or on a long hike with her German shepherd, Shiloh.