1)  Carbonate UP the switch backs to the flag pole: (RK’s record is 27 minutes and change – good luck).  (Also an option to mountain bike.)

2)  Quigley Canyon: On a cold morning, crust cruise out from where the road transitions from dirt to snow. The goal – having fun gliding for 1 hour.

3)  Classic double pole on rollerskis up and down bike patch – this remains a killer upper body workout.  30-40 min up – then back down with easy speeds thrown in.

4)  Side canyon ROAD BIKE: spin up the bike path then ride the following side canyons to their tops and back down; heading north – Indian Creek, then Ohio Gulch, then Greenhorn then head home.

5)  Track workout: This is meant to be a simple way to help get your legs ready for spring and summer running:  warm up mile, then 2 x 30 meters each: grapevines, high knees, butt kickers, skipping, then 4-6 x 400 meters at your 5km pace  – if in doubt aim for 90 seconds per lap – give or take a few – take 1-2 minutes between efforts . Focus on upper body upright, foot strike mid sole ( no over striding and landing on your heels!), and foot tucks up under your butt to initiate forward swing. FLOAT! Warm down mile.


1)  Distance Run out Deer Creek Road – super quiet out there: 30 up then spin and add easy speeds down.

2)  All direction rollerski double pole – start at tunnel at East Fork; 10-15 Minutes UP path then back, 10-15 min OUT Greenhorn then back, 10-15 Min DOWN the path then back. In each segment on the way down – put in a focused effort of 5 min pushing the pace. Use the gradual terrain down to aid you in keeping turnover rate high.

3)  ROAD BIKE or mountain bike ride out East Fork to little town of Triumph – be alert for cars, but it is generally pretty quiet.



1)  SKIN UP BALDY if you have access to the gear – pick a nice day. Plan on 1.5 hours to the top.

2)  Run out and back out Warm Springs Road from where the dirt starts: 30 – 40 minutes up then spin.

3)   Crust Cruise these side canyons:  EAGLE CREEK , NORTH FORK, LAKE CREEK

4)  ALSO a morning CRUST CRUISE in the terrain right above BIG BI is really fun.  You can skate up 30 minutes or so heading due west up the series of benches and then rip big turns heading down into the north end trails.


Warm up:

5-10 minutes: jog, bike 


3 sets of: 

Jump Rope (I am sure you can make one) 2 x 30 sec

Walking Lunge with trunk rotation x 10 steps

Plain old sit ups x 10-15 reps


STRENGTH –3 times through – adjust work to suit your level

Pushups – ELBOWS in and tracking along rib cage, back flat: as many as possible in 20 to 40 seconds. GOOD FORM!

Body weight squats – knees tracking over feet – don’t collapse in or flare out as you lower: femur to horizontal. Slow and steady, 15 to 50 reps.

Mermaids  – 30 sec to 1 min per side.

Horizontal pull-ups – find a hefty broom handle or bar and lay it between two surfaces about 3 feet off the ground  – body held straight, you are under the bar hanging with heels on the ground. Pull your chest to the bar keeping body in line. Max reps, 15 sec to 1 min.

Glute bridges – keep hips up, extend one leg and hold for 5 count – switch legs.  30 sec to 2 minutes

Calf raises – find a step – on one leg , slowly raise with calf  – 10-20 reps per leg .. this is a much a stretch as a lift, so be slow and smooth.

Lateral lunges – alternate sides – knee over foot, upper body at 45 from the hip as you compress into the lunge, 20 – 50 reps.

Pushup holds – again use good form – move from holding the up, mid and bottom positions for 30 sec to 2 min – keep body in line – no hip dropping.

Leg lifts x 1- 2 min

Supermans x 30 sec – 1min

Cherry pickers x 1 – 2min




Every 3-4 days

Warm up: 

5-10 minutes: jog

3 x (jump rope x 15 seconds and body weight squats x 15 seconds)


3 movements for this first routine – we want you to do this routine 4 times before we introduce the next version.  3 times through this routine.


#1 ) BODY WEIGHT SQUAT       10 – 30 reps.   If you have a bar and weights at home you can use that but keep load to no more than 30% of BW to start.


After a set of body weight squats – immediately do 5 standing vertical jumps quickly and for height.


#2 ) SINGLE LEG DEADLIFTS or DRAGONS – the video below shows this a few exercises in – DO NOT RUSH, 5-15 reps per leg.       Also, some of the other exercises on this video are demonstrated with too much bounce which leads to lack of proper from – and the thing called skier swing –  GOD NO!

After a set of single leg DL’s or Dragons –   immediately do 5 straight ahead single leg jumps for distance each leg.


#3) SPLIT SQUATS  – You can use dumbbells if you have them at home OR you can put on a backpack and put weight in the pack – again – no more the 30% BW.

10- 40 reps .  The POINT is not to do them as fast as possible but maintain good form – add weight if too easy.    Again, technique is shown several exercises in.

After a set of split squats – immediately 6 power skips for height.


Skills challenge #1: Flat ground skateboard tricks: primo in the garage, on the grass; skate anywhere.
Skills challenge #2: non-traditional skateboarding.
Skills challenge #3: spin the ball.