Photo by Joshua Wells

From Academic Director Erika Rixon
What an amazing season! This was by far one of the best snow years that these student-athletes have experienced in their lifetime. The snow-covered mountains coupled with the outstanding performances by student-athletes from all disciplines within SVSEF made for an extraordinary 2016-2017 ski and snowboard season. The rigorous schedule of trying to balance school, personal life, family, and sport is an enormous challenge. All of the kids in SVSEF deserve a round of applause for this very important life skill that they all get to practice every day throughout the winter months. But, it doesn’t stop there! SVSEF is a year-round program; therefore, this skill is constantly being fine-tuned. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and dedication 12 months of the year.
This year we launched a tutoring program with instructors that had subject specific knowledge. It was a successful program that we are looking forward to building on next year. I would like to thank our tutors for their time and commitment. More importantly, I want to give a huge congratulations to those that attended tutoring consistently so that they could continue to excel in school just like they do on snow. At any given time, there were anywhere between five and ten students taking advantage of our academic support. The effort by the student-athletes was truly amazing!
Lastly, at the end of every season, we recognize those student-athletes who were able to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. As stated before, this is a challenging task and they deserve recognition. Congratulations to the following:

Laine Allison
Ben Anderson
Wyatt Barth
Jackson Bevers
John Blackburn
Grace Bloomfield
Isabella Bourret
Lily Brunelle
Aidan Burchmore
Cailin Chandler
Henry Cherp
Skylar Cooley
Cash Dart
Cooper Dart
Caroline Dean
Hunter Diehl
Blake Deilke
Wilson Dunn
Katherine Estep
Will Everitt
Madison Ferris
Lily Fitzgerald
Ellie Gorham
Jake Gorham
Buey Grossman
Eva Grover
Johnny Hagenbuch
Joe Hall
Ashley Helm
Sage Holter

Kate Horowitz
Merumo Ishimaru
Addy Jacobsen
Anja Jensen
Eve Jensen
Kaia Jensen
Libby Kaiser
Tom Klose
Ella Kopplin
Walter Lafky
Alex Lafleur
Charlie Lamb
Sascha Leidecker
Libby Lindstrom
Ridley Lindstrom
Emma MacGuffie
Elle Mann
Eliza Marks
Katherine Markthaler
Sophia Mazzoni
Kiran Merchant
Molly Milgard
Wyatt Minor
Keene Morawitz
Max Moss
Max Noddings
Jenna Nurge
Landon Nurge
Michaela Petty
Grace Pepin

Julian Plank
Carlota Pomes-Rovira
Henry Raff
Addison Rafford
Alli Rathfon
Katelyn Rathfon
Sage Rheinschild
Nikki Sabiers
Meeks Sanchez-DuPont
Alexandra Schaffner
Rosa Schaffner
Bergen Schmidt
Zoe Simon
Erin Smith
Jack Smith
Bennett Snyder
Elk Spencer
Kate Stone
Charlie Stumph
Chloe Tanous
Hayden Terjeson
Sarah Troxel
Bentley Walker-Broose
Carley Walther-Porino
Keegan Webber
Ella Wolter
Peter Wolter
Spencer Wright
Tia Vontver