Dear Parents and Athletes,
There are some big changes happening within the alpine program and I could not be more excited about the direction we are headed. Below is a run down of all changes at the head coach level:

James “Taco” Tautkus – THANK YOU!!!!!!
After 5 years of running the IMD team, James has decided it’s the right time in his life to take a step back from coaching. James, we cannot thank you enough for the passion, intensity and knowledge you shared with the athletes and staff. You inspired many athletes and I will truly miss having you around all the time. I know you are too passionate about the sport to stay away and look forward to having you involved in new ways. See the attached letter from James on his time with SVSEF.
SVSEF Head Coaches for the 2020-2021 Season:

Mini World Cup – Jude Arvidson
Jude will be coming back for her second year as our Mini World Cup Head Coach. It’s been a blast getting to know Jude and watching her connect with our athletes and community. The MWC team had a fantastic winter with Jude and her staff because of their ability to have fun and share their love of the sport. I really admire her communication and positive attitude and I’m excited to see how the MWC team evolves under Jude’s leadership.

North Series – Adele Savaria
Adele will return for another season to lead our North Series team. I can’t emphasize enough how important Adele’s leadership is to our program. It extends well beyond North Series. I have so much respect for Adele and the way she manages the North Series staff. They are pros and allow our youth programing to find the right balance of skill development and fun. We are lucky to have her; it’s going to be another great year with Adele leading this age group.

IMD – Charlotte Gourlay
After many years as an IMD assistant coach, Charlotte will be taking over for Taco as IMD Head Coach. Charlotte’s calm demeanor and work ethic make her an ideal fit for this position. Not to mention she’s a ripping skier! An important aspect of this age group is getting to rip around Baldy and experience different terrain and Charlotte and her staff serve as awesome visuals. The structure that James created for the group is there and I am excited to see Charlotte build on the stable foundation for years to come.

USSA – Nate Schwing
Nate has been a huge part of the SVSEF alpine community for over a decade. As FIS Head Coach for more than 13 years Nate has become one of the most decorated and respected coaches in the Western Region. I have learned so much from him over the years and personally owe him a lot for my own growth as a coach. Relinquishing the reins of the FIS team was a big decision for Nate since he has put so much into the program over the years. But with a growing family at home, the timing was right to change things up. It is going to be a blast watching Nate share his knowledge and experience with our USSA athletes.

FIS – Gladys Weidt and Pat Savaria
Gladys will be coming back for her second season with SVSEF, but moving to FIS Head Coach. Her ability to connect with and inspire our athletes is sensational, and her organizational and communication skills are things I hope rub off on me in the coming years! We are so lucky to have her in our community. Pat Savaria will help support Gladys as the head coach this winter. There are nuances to the FIS circuit that Pat will support and share with Gladys as she moves into this new role. Pat is a rock for the entire SVSEF alpine team, and has been for many years. He is a big piece in why we continue to grow as a program. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for the alpine community in our valley. This duo is a strong team and I have no doubt that they will lead our FIS program in a fantastic direction.

In the coming weeks the head coaches and myself are going to build out each team’s staff and structure. The head coaches are just one piece, but most important is the full staff for each team and how they work together to make sure each age group is a success. I am hoping for a lot of continuity in each group’s staff. I have been and will continue to work closely with the other coaches to see where they see themselves fitting in.

I know there has been a lot of information thrown at you over the last three days. You will be receiving emails next week from the head coaches reiterating a lot of this information and adding more detail. Gladys, Nate and Charlotte are crafting emails to their teams as well to share their voice and add thoughts to the changes that have been made. We are ready to schedule meetings with any athletes and families that are interested.
Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Have a great long weekend!

All the Best,

Will Brandenburg
Alpine Program Director/Head Coach