SVSEF provides ski and snowboard programming to nearly 700 athletes in the Wood River Valley. Athlete of the Week is an opportunity to highlight individuals who embody the values championed by this organization; sportsmanship, citizenship, character, teamwork, creativity, passion and perseverance. 

Bridget Lopez, Rota-Rippers

Bridget Lopez is our Athlete of the Week; she’s in second grade (7 years old), and she is so excited to be skiing! She can go up the lift and is able maneuver an obstacle course. She always has a huge smile and can’t believe Rippers will be over so soon – she has said she wants more time on skis! She is a delight to coach and always has an outstanding attitude.

Barb Dunn

Rota-Rippers Head Coach

Jaxon Patterson, Mini Xtreme

Jaxon Patterson is the Mini X Athlete of the Week. Jaxon lives outside of the valley, and his folks have made a heroic effort to help him to get rad with us. He is grateful and kind, and he’s also brave just taking on a rail with good speed for the first time, then taking it to the knee. It only took him about five minutes before he went right back to skiing the park at Dollar. Ow, that’s tough! Jaxon is also dedicated, which shows through in his stellar attendance. Thanks, Stephanie, Jake, and Jaxon, we really enjoy having y’all on the team!

Ben Schumacher

Mini Xtreme Head Coach

Anna Koonce, Cross Country Devo North

Anna Koonce is our Athlete of the Week. This Devo skier has become such an incredible asset to the team after being on the team for years – now coming upon her “graduation” from the team, she has hit full stride as a leader. Although not thrilled about racing, she consistently takes full advantage of being on the team and is an integral part of it. She is thoughtful, caring, wants to learn, and mentors the younger athletes. Her willingness to volunteer for literally ANY job we need help with has been really refreshing (and very clearly demonstrated on the yurt trip). She is also such a fun type of goofy and if you ever need some great photos of a happy face you should loan your phone to her…
Susie Quesnel

Cross Country Devo North Co-Head Coach