“Athlete of the Week” is an opportunity to highlight our athletes for demonstrating the core values of the organization.

Sportsmanship • Citizenship • Character • Teamwork • Creativity • Passion • Perseverance



Levi Loomis, North Series

Having very little skiing experience, let alone racing, before joining the SVSEF North Series team this year, Levi has improved on an extremely fast learning curve by working very hard and diligently on his technique.  It is great to see his improvement on a daily basis and he is always eager to keep learning and changing his form.

– Adele Savaria, head coach



Aidan Burchmore, 16, Comp

The cross country athlete of the week is Aidan Burchmore. Burch is a tough kid. He is a constant at practice and knows how to work hard. Aidan is always game for a good political discussion or a quality interval session (as long was they are under 7 minutes- just kidding)! We are psyched to have Aidan as part of the team and looking forward to seeing all his hard work and dedication pay off- because it will!

– Ashley Knox, head coach



Paola Alvarado, 13, Comp Home

Paola Alvarado is the moguls athlete of the week. Paola just joined the mogul travel team a few weeks ago, and already she is very dedicated and passionate about her skiing. Paola shows great leadership with her positive attitude and work ethic. In the future we expect that she will be a great competitor and athlete that others will want to follow.

– Kurtis Fieguth, coach


Hunter, left


Hank Huntsman, 9, Comp Home Weekend

Hank is one of the youngest snowboard members of the park and pipe team. He is always at practice super stoked and willing to give it his all. Look out for Hank in the future flying through the air and slashing pow!

– Tyler Conway, program director