“Athlete of the Week” is an opportunity to highlight our athletes for demonstrating the core values of the organization.

Sportsmanship • Citizenship • Character • Teamwork • Creativity • Passion • Perseverance



Bianca Smith, 8, Devo

Bianca is a super star teammate and a great listener. She is very coachable and always gives her best effort; she is always looking to improve. We are happy to have her on team this year!

This past weekend, Coach Chad said, ”I don’t want to fill your brains with a bunch of new information. Let’s keep thinking about what we’ve been working on for our next run – Fire Trail.”

Bianca responded with:

“Can you fill our brains with information so we can correct our parents?”

– Brian Caulkins and Josie Brownell, head and assitant head devo coaches





Dave Walters, 12, Prep

Dave’s enthusiasm for this sport, which is new to him, is contagious. He is positive and inquisitive, which is really enjoyable for us as coaches. Dave is the kind of kid who is fun to coach, because he is so eager to learn; from waxing to technique to the ideas behind a workout, he asks good questions and is constantly working to familiarize himself with the sport. Dave recently opted to participate in a team time trial; at the finish, even when exhausted and struggling, this brand new skier finished with a giant grin on his face.

– Kelley Sinnott, prep team head coach and assistant program director



Alex Austin, 14, Travel

The moguls athlete of the week is Alex Austin. Alex moved up to our Travel A program this year and has been working hard all season. His positive attitude and dedication towards learning a new trick has really paid off. With this work ethic and attitude, Austin has made leaps and bounds, and it’s been really great to watch his progression.

– John Grigsby, mogul coach and mogul technical director


Anton Holter, 12, Comp Home

Anton is passionate about park skiing and is very coachable. He is always out there having a good time and skiing with his teammates, always with a positive attitude. Keep up the good work! Even though he was scared and psyched himself out on an attempt of spinning a 900, Anton still pushed through and completed the trick twice. He showed perseverance and focus along with a good attitude throughout the weekend.” – Coach Tanner Marcouiller